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The Atlantic History Laboratory

LEHA - Laboratory of Atlantic History Studies of colonial and post-colonial societies was created in 2013 as an institutional space (systematization) to stimulate and debate works and research related to the field of study of Atlantic History, based on the articulation of teachers and students of the Institute of History (IH); professors outside UFRJ and IH. Under the coordination of Professors Flávio Gomes and André Chevitarese, LEHA has gathered research in the field of Atlantic History, with highlights for studies on slavery, material culture, post-emancipation, peasantry, social cartography, historical archeology and social history of racism. The main objectives are reflections on theoretical and methodological approaches in the field of social history, comparative history and Atlantic history and their connections with colonial and post-colonial societies. With the participation of coordinators and associate researchers from other institutions, a research group was created for undergraduate and graduate students, professors and researchers in general. From theoretical and methodological perspectives and historiographic axes (texts, readings, debates and applications in empirical investigations) LEHA has offered disciplines, courses, seminars, lectures and meetings (biweekly or monthly).

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