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Rosa Elizabeth A. Marin

Full Professor at the Federal University of Pará. Graduated in Sociology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, PhD in History and Civilization - École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France (1985); post-doctorate at the Université de Québec in Montreal, Canada and at the Institut des Hautes Études de lAmérique Latine (IHEAL), France (1993). She is currently Full Professor at the Federal University of Pará linked to the Graduate Program in Sustainable Development of the Humid Tropic - PPGDSTU / Center for High Amazon Studies and the Graduate Program in Anthropology PPGA. Collaborates in the Graduate Program in Social and Political Cartography of the Amazon, at the State University of Maranhão - UEMA. They have carried out research and published dozens of articles, book chapters, books and organized collections on Amazonia, borders, slavery and post-emancipation in Grão-Pará, remaining quilombo communities, territories, identities and Social cartography.

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